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The Right Property Manager

People don't talk about it a lot. But finding the right Manager can be the difference between a happy, stress-free experience, and an unhappy, stressful experience.

First, you'll want a manager ready and able to make a full-time commitment to you. I can and will do that.

Second, you'll want a manager with the experience needed to know the local, state and federal laws, regulations, ordinances, etc. With my years of experience in HOA management - I have the expertise and track record of success you need.

Third, you'll want a manager who embraces the convenience of technology without losing the personal touch. You'll love the resources available on my websites, but this will never replace the time I spend with you, serving as your manager and consultant.


Let's get together and talk about your management needs. Call me on my cell phone (907 321-2288) or send me an e-mail (jimprestonrealtor@gmail.com), we'll set-up a time that is easy and convenient for you to meet.

P.S. I look forward to talking with you and your HOA Board about the options available to you.